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Top 120+ Photography Blog Post Ideas!

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Top 120+ Photography Blog Post Ideas

Are you a professional photographer? Then you absolutely need to read today’s blog post! Last week, we learned The 9 Areas of Photography Business to Master! – How to start a photography business the right way!

As Photographers, we’re a creative bunch! But even for us…it can be quite a daunting task to all the time come up with really useful content to blog about. Content that our audience would be genuinely interested.

So we thought deep, long and hard on the topic and the answer lies in this post.

The trouble many bloggers face though is deciding what to write about, week after week. You might have a few blog post ideas of your own but will they be attractive to potential clients? That’s something else to figure out.

That’s why we decided to put together a list of top photography blog post topic ideas for you to start with if you’re wondering what to write about. Each can be modified, adapted and expanded upon to match your particular circumstances and can be used over and over again.

If you’re a photographer, you already know that you got to be blogging! You’ve seen more and more photogs who blog not just about useful stuff but also are very consistent with their content creation.

But do you really know why blogging and content creation is so very critical these days? Before we offer you the Ultimate List of Photography Blog Post Ideas, we firstly need to know as to why blogging and content creation and marketing is critical for your business as a photographer!

So let’s get to it…

Why Blogging Is Important For Photographers?

Photography is a service and a personal one at that. When a client hires you for your services, they are in some ways allowing you and letting you into their lives and into their world. Somewhere deep down, they know, like and trust you and your capability as a photographer to deliver the services you have been hired for.

So how does one go about becoming more personable, likable and trustworthy? A blog can act as a perfect tool & platform to not just connect with your clients but also in helping them know you better not just as a photographer and artist but also as a human being.

Blogging will give you the opportunity to show who you are, why you are a photographer in the 1st place, and what value you can provide to a prospective client. It gives them a look into your motivations and how you treat your clients – Information that will be important to their decision.

Blogging is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If you create content consistently that is valuable and useful for your clients, google and other search engines will love you and your site will show up higher in the search engine rankings!

Organic Social Sharing: Clients will also love you when you do not just shoot their images but also add the images on the blog and flaunt those amazing pictures you took! They will not just be happy but delighted to share your blogs with their friends and family online and also on the social media. This will garner great publicity and also word of mouth advertising which is the best form of marketing you can ever ask for! Win-Win!!!

Blogging will help you create and establish a personal brand with your target audience. A blog has the potential to make or break your image and reputation and make sure you make it a good one! A great blog will define your style, technique and unique voice as an artist to your audience.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Blog:

  • Not Being Consistent
  • Maintaining way too many blogs (Just start one and be consistent with it)
  • Writing to impress the search engines and not your audience!
  • Not creating valuable, useful and relevant content
  • Posting only your latest work, portfolio etc. (Your blog should be a good mix of entertainment, education, inspiration and goodwill building)

Things To Keep In Mind When You Start Blogging:

  • Know Your Audience & Market
  • Know Your Why – Knowing your purpose & objective is extremely important
  • Communicate With Your Audience Your Why – Why should they hire you?
  • Be more Social – Build, connect & engage with your audience on Social Media
  • Only Show Your Best Work – Be very mindful & critical of the stuff you put up on your blog… don’t just upload anything and everything!
  • Be yourself, get personal but not too personal!
  • Be honest, humble & genuine – Your client can read between the lines!

Think About What Your Clients Might Want to Know – Basic Guidelines On What To Blog About:

As a Photographer, artist and businessman, the single most important thing you need to understand is your blogging should be aimed at increasing leads to your business. For that, you need to grow traffic to your site…not just any traffic but targeted and right kind of traffic – i.e. People who would want to hire you as a Photographer.

So you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer situated in say New York… what would a prospective client type into google or any search engine to find about you or your services?

Some examples might be:

  • “wedding photographers new york” or
  • “new york wedding photographer”
  • “best wedding photographer in new york” etc

What else they might search for:

  • best wedding locations in new york
  • best venues to get married in new york
  • new york’s best wedding church
  • new york same-sex wedding photographer etc

Make sure you blog about the above topics!

Think of other stuff your prospective clients would love to know:

  • What can they do to prepare for the shoot?
  • How many photos do they get for the wedding shoot?
  • Can they order albums?
  • Can they get the raw images?
  • Will you send them some preview images?

Make sure you cover plenty of blog posts on the above topics. They can be sometimes not very exciting or interesting but they are critical for you and your business from an SEO viewpoint.

But remember one thing, the above topics shouldn’t be the only content on your blog. You need to diversify. That’s where this blog post will help you 🙂

Important Things To Know:

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]Google rewards content that answers questions for their users.

Creating image heavy posts with little text isn’t the best approach when optimizing your content for SEO. Google can understand the text, but images present a much greater challenge. Search engines have a harder time trying to determine what an image ”means.”

As a result, long form text-heavy content is more likely to rank higher than posts with lots of images only.

Remember: The photos are important for someone to see your work, but they’re only important once someone’s on your site and looking. To get them there in the first place you need to have great content that search engines can use to direct traffic to your site.[/su_note]

How Should You Blog? – Essential Blogging Tools for Photographers

So now let’s get to the heart of the matter…the stuff you have been waiting for!

Top 100 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers!

  1. Why you became a photographer? – Tell your personal story!
  2. What is your expertise and your best work to prove it!
  3. Local Vendors, you recommend and work with?
  4. How best your clients can prepare for the shoot
    1. Before the shoot
    2. During the shoot
    3. After the shoot
  5. How you help your clients choose the best images
  6. A Day in the life post
  7. What inspires you to photograph
  8. Camera Equipment, Lenses and Lighting Gear you use for your Photo Shoots.
  9. Equipment & Gear you use for Post-Production
  10. Your favorite lens and why you love it so much?
  11. Your general pricing information – Don’t give them all the information though!
  12. Your Storage & Back-up Strategy for ensuring peace of mind for your clients
  13. What’s in your Camera Bag!
  14. A Behind The Scenes look at one of your shoots! (BTS) – This will give them an idea of what it’s like to work with you as a Photographer and also what can they expect!
  15. Your client profile and some of your favorite clients you have worked with & why!
  16. Who your ideal client is  – This will help them know whether they are a good fit to work with you!
  17. Stuff that might be of concern to your prospective client.
  18. Great shoot locations, themes and ideas
  19. How to dress for Photo Sessions, what to wear, how to pose, basic guidelines on posing, how to be comfortable and not stress during the shoot
  20. Personal Projects you have done – Showcase your talents!
  21. Your personal images – Show off your vacation images!
  22. The best partner in business you’ve ever had. Why? Whether it be a second shooter or a partner who is more behind-the-scenes to your business. This allows your client to get an idea of what you love and why!
  23. Showcase all the end products you can avail as a client. Flaunt your hi-end premium prints, photo books, wall images & wall art. Photo books (sizes, papers and styles you offer), Accordion Mini Books, Gallery Blocks, Gallery Wraps, Cards (save the date, wedding invites, birth announcements, party, event and holiday cards, senior announcements, keepsake boxes for seniors, baby, holidays and weddings, CD/DVD Labels and Cases to store your memories each year, cloud storage if you offer?
  24. How you edit your photos. Your before and after images – How you transform your images to a whole new level during your post-production & editing workflow.
  25. Best practices you use before, during and after the photo shoot
  26. How you make your clients comfortable during the shoot.
  27. Tips for purchasing Photography Equipment
  28. Artists and artsy stuff that inspires you!
  29. What photographers inspire you and why?
  30. Create Useful Infographics and blog about them
  31. Write about some amazing music you can play on your wedding
  32. Interview people smarter than you!
  33. Create listicles
  34. Create blog checklists
  35. Create Ultimate Guide Posts
  36. Create a series post
  37. Create a stats post
  38. Create a rant post
  39. Create comparison post
  40. Create A Client Showcase Post
  41. Create freebie posts (for lead generation & building your prospective client email list)
  42. Create Inspirational posts – Stuff that inspires you!
  43. Showcase your Photography Workspace – Give them a tour of your workspace!
  44. Showcase your Photo Studio, Equipment & Props you use etc
  45. How Post-Production and using filters & effects can completely change the mood, feel and the atmosphere of the photograph.
  46. Create a board on Pinterest purely dedicated to helping your ideal clients, and also blog about it.
  47. Look at your blog analytics and stats, and write sequels to the Top 5 Blog Posts that are most popular on your blog!
  48. How to Photograph in Low-Light?
  49. How you travel with your gear?
  50. How you mastered the manual mode in your camera!
  51. Tips for photographing food, fashion, portraits, weddings, boudoir, babies etc (Photography you specialize in)
  52. Why you chose the camera you shoot with?
  53. Tips for using the Camera ISO, Lens Aperture, Shutter Speed etc.
  54. The biggest lesson you learned in Photography
  55. What type of photographer you are and why you chose that direction (weddings, families, fashion, etc)
  56. A challenging shoot you were a part of & how you managed to pull it off?
  57. How you plan a Photo Session
  58. All the various services you offer and your USP for each of them
  59. How to shoot selfies & self-portraits
  60. Tips to click great mobile images
  61. Applications & Tools you use for editing on your smartphone
  62. Talk about your photography style and how you developed it
  63. Talk about how you see love?
  64. What’s your advice for brides & grooms to be?
  65. Write a Letter to Yourself when you were just starting out.
  66. Write a Letter to Your Future Self one year from now.
  67. Make a List of Your Top 10 Mistakes.
  68. Make a List of Your Top 10 Smart Decisions
  69. Your goals, dreams and ambitions as a Photographer
  70. How you stay inspired and remain creative
  71. Photography forums, associations & alumni’s you are a part of
  72. Artificial vs. Natural Light Photography
  73. Tips to photographing people especially for street photography
  74. How you try to maintain a work-life balance?
  75. Your understanding of Lighting & Other Important Technical Stuff your client might like to know
  76. What kind of ambience, lighting, props and backdrops to look for when deciding on a wedding venue!
  77. Your favorite Photography Books
  78. Difference between Photographing in a Studio vs On Location Photo Shoot
  79. Your favorite Camera & Gear Accessories
  80. Be a resource – Your recommendations on gear, equipment, workflow time-savers, favorite tools, apps, hacks, best practices etc
  81. Do a Vlog! – A Video Blog. While Writing can be an amazing & powerful tool, very little can replace the connection that’s created when someone can actually see you face-to-face especially when you’re telling your story. When they can hear your voice and the quirky things you say. When it feels like you’re talking just to them, you connect a lot deeper with your clients.
  82. Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) listicle and answer all the frequently asked queries that your clients have
  83. Create an SAQ (Should Ask Questions) listicle!
  84. Create a list of say Top 10 things you didn’t know about me post
  85. Do a Demo Post. You can do a screen recording video blog where you show how you cull images in Photo Mechanic or edit your images in Lightroom or Photoshop
  86. Do guest posting / Blog Post Swap with a friend. They write for you & you write for them and in this way, you both introduce each other to your audiences!
  87. Giving Back. Find a cause that’s dear to your heart and give money, time or talent. Share your experience on the blog.
  88. Blog about offers, specials, promotions & discounts you provide to your clients and when!
  89. Gifting Ideas for your clients. – Share your best and favorite ideas!
  90. Communicate with your client on how you deliver images – How many images do you provide? What size and resolution those images are & how do you deliver them.
  91. Blog Interviews with fellow Professionals
  92. Vlog introducing your team, their expertise and how they contribute and help you in your photography business
  93. Top 5 Vendors in your city – Wedding Venues, Reception Venues, DJ’s, Florists, Officiants, Cake Bakers, Wedding Planners, Caterers, Nutritionists, Rental Suppliers, Dress Shops, Designers, Bartenders, Counsellors etc.
  94. Your favorite recommendations of all the above vendors
  95. Why you need a wedding planner? Tip: Interview a wedding planner. Show pictures of wedding planners in action.
  96. How to pick a wedding venue. Create a checklist of things to consider.
  97. List of Questions to ask your vendor
  98. Best places to take engagement photos in your city
  99. Best alternatives to a guest book that your guests will love!
  100. Why you should hire a photo booth service in addition to your photographer.
  101. Why you should hire a cinematographer
  102. How photographers and cinematographers work together on the wedding day.
  103. Top romantic proposal ideas in your city
  104. A blog series on “how he asked”
  105. Best places to buy engagement rings in your city
  106. How to hire a photographer for a proposal without your fiance knowing what is going on.
  107. Current trends in engagement rings, show photos from your recent weddings, interview a jeweler.
  108. Apps & tools that you can’t live without when planning your wedding
  109. The best wedding inspiration websites you’ve never heard of. (Good opportunity to get backlinks, find the smaller sites who appreciate the attention).
  110. How to share your wedding photos with all of your guests.
  111. Top ways to encourage guests to put down their phones on your wedding day.
  112. 5 things that brides can carry instead of a bouquet.
  113. After you’ve done a large number of weddings, do roundup posts of some of the best moments you’ve captured.
  114. Link to your Press and Media Coverage
  115. Link to great content, tools and resources you like or recommend
  116. Create a Cheat Sheet Post
  117. A ‘Tutorial On’ Blog Post
  118. Create “How To” Blog Posts
  119. Create a “Pros & Cons” Post
  120. Create a “Bust A Myth” Post
  121. Write about Latest Photography Trends in your line of Photography viz. Latest trends in wedding photography
  122. A blog post with Client Testimonials – Preferably A Video Blog!
  123. Curate Interesting Content online and blog about it.
  124. Share useful content from other websites & get backlinks from them in return. Remember, never to SPAM!

Here is a High-Res Version of the above Infographic!

Need A PDF? No Problem 🙂

Here is a PDF Version!


So now…where do we start? Don’t let this blog post paralyze you or overwhelm you. Create a content calendar! Yes…go ahead and feel free to download and print a copy of our infographic and keep it next to you for inspiration!

But make sure you don’t just download the infographic, print it and don’t let it collect dust on your shelf. The best way to do that is by creating a content calendar.

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]Here’s a quick way to create a kick-butt content calendar:

Decide your blog posting frequency
Plan out your blog posts in advance (Use the above ideas for inspiration!)
Make sure you are consistent with your blogging schedule
Just Do It![/su_note] 

Remember to have patience and keep at it:

The most important thing to remember about blogging is that it takes consistency, patience and perseverance. Don’t simply post once or twice and give up if the client inquiries don’t come funneling in or come pouring in. Instead, keep at it and keep a tab on your website analytics and stats on a regular basis.

So there you have it! The list of photography blog post ideas is endless, but these are 120+ blog post ideas to get you started and inspired to blog! I hope the above ideas have helped spark a few flashes of blogging inspiration within you.

Do you have some photography blog post ideas that you would like to add to this list?  be sure to share your ideas in the comment section, especially the ones you would like me to write about in my upcoming posts!

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