Tools & Resources for Photographers

Ultimate List of Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources for Photographers


Ultimate List of Tools & Resources – Photography Business:




This page is the Holy Grail of all the Tools & Resources you will ever need as a Professional Photographer…whether you are just starting out or you already have a well-established studio or business. Make sure you bookmark (Cmd + D / Ctrl + D) this page so that you can come back and refer whenever you want! We will be constantly updating & adding to this page!

Word of Caution:


Please do not let the exhaustiveness of all the tools and resources mentioned below overwhelm you or make you feel that you need to have all of the tools & resources provided below for you to become a professional photographer. This is supposed to be an exhaustive and comprehensive list and resource for you irrespective of your skill set & experience in Photography as a professional!

Our objective is not to overwhelm you but to make this a go-to resource for you whenever you wish to upgrade your tools & resources for your business of photography.

So with that understanding, let us try & understand what tools & resources you will need as a Professional Photographer for your business of photography…

  • Business Operations: These are the core tools that you need for running your photography business. These are the must-have apps that will become the cornerstone of all your business operations.
  • Working Computer: For running Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, you need a good configuration Working Computer. We recommend the following computer setup.
  • Camera Gear & Equipment:
  • Camera Body – Canon / Nikon / Sony:
  • Canon:
  • Nikon:
  • Sony:
  • Recommended Lenses:
  • Memory Cards: Always buy the fastest Memory Cards with regards to their Data Writing Speeds. They generally cost a little more but they are also more reliable.
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro Series (with Highest Data Writing Speed)
  • Tripods:
  • Monopods:
  • Lighting Equipment:
  • (Strobes + Continuous Lighting -> Video Light):
  • Neewer – Best Budget Strobes
  • Profoto – Medium – High Budget Strobes
  • Broncolor – Ultimate Quality Strobe Lighting & Shaping – Most Expensive
  • Camera Straps & Accessories: When you shoot for long hours…it’s very important that you take good care of your body. Using the best camera straps and accessories will ensure long hours of the shoot with the highest comfort level.
  • Camera Bags:
  • Drones:
  • Storage & Backup: Your data is the most important asset of your business. Effective Storage & Backup Strategy is extremely important for every Photography Business. The ideal setup should be on-site, off-site & cloud backup…all 3 combined!
  • Cloud Backup:
  • On-Site & Offsite:
  • Photo Editing & Retouching Software:
  • Hosting:
  • Site / Blog Platform:
  • WordPress Theme:
  • Portfolio:
  • Smugmug (Best option for quickly creating gorgeous portfolios. Also the Smugmug’s integration with Lightroom using Publish Services is a huge time saver!)
  • Pixieset
  • Online Proofing & Photo Book Proofing:
  • Project Management for Professional Photographers:
  • Business Photography Contracts & Templates:
  • Productivity (Mac):
  • Productivity (iPhone): We do a lot of our work on our smartphones and if you’re an iPhone user, following are some of my favorite apps for maximizing productivity.
  • Photography Editing Apps:
  • ProCam (Capture) – iPhone | Android
  • Camera+ (Capture) – iPhone | Android – Unavailable
  • Lightroom (Editing) – iPhone | Android
  • Snapseed (Editing) – iPhone | Android
  • VSCO (Editing) – iPhone | Android
  • Mextures (Editing) – iPhone | Android – Unavailable
  • SKRWT (Editing) – iPhone | Android
  • Pixelmator (Editing) – iPhone | Android – Unavailable
  • Enlight (Editing) – iPhone | Android – Unavailable
  • Wordswag (Editing) – iPhone | Android
  • Adobe Spark Post (Editing) – iPhone | Android – Unavailable
  • Facetune 2 (Selfies + Skin Retouching) – iPhone | Android
  • B612 (Selfies + Skin Retouching) – iPhone | Android
  • SelfieCity (Selfies + Skin Retouching) – iPhone | Android
  • Video Editing Apps:
  • Health & Nutrition (iPhone):
  • Free Stock Photography Sites:
  • Online Marketing Tools:
  • Social Media Marketing: If you aren’t active on Social Media, you are losing a lot of money on the table. Following are some indispensable social media marketing tools for social media automation.
  • Online Graphic & Design: These online designing and graphic tools will help automate your social media graphics to a great extent.
  • Email Marketing Tools: Email Marketing is the most important and effective way of keeping in touch with your clients as well as your prospective clients. We recommend Convertkit purely on the basis of ease of use and simplicity. It’s like having the power of Infusionsoft and the user friendliness of Mailchimp.
  • Website Analytics: Tracking your website analytics is extremely crucial for understanding what is working and what isn’t working for your online business.
  • Digital Goods – Payment Processing: For accepting client payments on your website.
  • Education – Lifelong Learning: Our industry is constantly changing and ever evolving. We need to keep ourselves abreast of all the latest in the field of photography. The following sites are the best options available for Lifelong Learning!
  • Office Must-Haves: We spend a lot of time in our offices. The space we work in plays a crucial role in our effectiveness and productivity. Here are some of our favorite office products and setup for a very comfortable and relaxed working space.




There is a lot that goes with the business of photography. As opposed to what most of the general population thinks….Photography is a solid & serious business.

There is a lot of hard work and discipline in running a Photography Business but the rewards are absolutely worthwhile. The above tools only can help you work smarter and faster…but ultimately you have to put in the work.




If you click on and then decide to purchase something from the links provided on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission. Be assured, that we only recommend products that we use, love and trust. Honesty is always a top priority, Thanks for supporting Lightroom Preset Shoppe!

In the case of any product defect or dissatisfaction after purchase, we cannot be held liable for the same. We use & love all of the above-recommended tools and resources and we assume that before purchasing any of the above tools/resources, you will do sufficient due diligence as to whether it is right or not for your specific requirements and situation.

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