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Why Lightroom Preset Shoppe?


Lightroom Preset Shoppe | What Makes Us Different?


If you came in to look for a quick short answer then here it is ->


To Make Your Work Flow!


But if you SERIOUSLY wish to know more about the SINGLE BIGGEST SECRET LIGHTROOM PRODUCTIVITY HACK, then read on!

I promise…You are in for a treat!

Look…if you are dead serious about changing your Photography Workflow & be the best you can be & at the same time maintain a great work-life balance without getting burned out…then look no further. This is the kind of stuff you will love!

I know you are probably thinking…

Who Are You & Why Should I Even Listen To You?

I’m Amit Desai, the CEO & Founder of Lightroom Preset Shoppe. I’m also the CEO & Founder of a very successful Professional Photography Studio – Art Pixel Photography

I have done my Masters in Finance & I’m also the Author of the book – The Gift – The New Science of Manifestation

At Art Pixel Photography, we mostly do Destination Weddings, Lifestyle Photography, & Celebrity Fashion Shoots.

Believe you me. I’m NOT telling you all this to brag. Its just so you know exactly where I’m coming from & what my background is.

Being a Professional Photographer myself, I deeply know, care & understand the every day needs & demands of a Professional Photography Studio.

Having worked with a team & with a wide variety of clients, I know exactly the high demands & work pressures of Professional Photographers especially Wedding Photographers.

A great quote that comes to mind is…

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]“Wedding Photography Is One of The Hardest Damn Jobs In The World! Period. End of Story.” – Zack Arias[/su_note]

Weddings are emotionally and physically exhausting events to shoot. You have days of prep before and days, if not weeks, of work afterwards.

You get one shot to do it right or blow it completely. You bust your ass on wedding jobs like no other job I know in photography.

You click hundreds & in most cases, thousands of images during the course of a wedding job & it is mission critical that you take your photo-editing seriously!

Even the second shooters these days use full-frame DSLR cameras. Competition is fierce & there are many others who are willing to do the same wedding job for even less than what you are charging your client.

So what then sets you apart? What is it that you bring new to the table?

It’s Your Signature. Its How Your Images Look!


Do your images speak to your clients? Do they have your signature?

Or do they look like some ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ Photographer?




Which Brings Us To The Most Unfortunate Realisation That…


[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]Lightroom Presets Help Us Automate But…At The Cost Of Making Us Look Exactly Like Others.[/su_note]

I mean seriously…

Lightroom Presets is absolutely the coolest automation thing that happened to post production for professionals but the way they are being used until now makes you look just like everyone else.

We are in the Instagram age – The age of 1-click filters & presets. Every person on the street including their mom is a Photographer!

We all love instant gratification, don’t we?

Lightroom Presets provides for exactly that! Instant gratification.

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]But if you happen to closely follow some of the world’s best photographers, the ones who are at the top of their game, you shall find that they are quite a lot like artists in all of the incredible work they have birthed.[/su_note]

They all have a distinct style, an unique signature.

Does that mean they don’t use Lightroom Presets?


THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO. (Yes…we did the research for you!)

Actually, they can’t afford NOT TO use Lightroom Presets. They have exactly the same amount of time as you do.

So then, how come they are able to still hold on to their distinct style, their unique signature in spite of using Lightroom Presets?

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]The Simple Answer Is => They Create Their Own Lightroom Presets![/su_note]



As obvious & simplistic as it may sound & whether you believe it or not….its still true….

World Class Photographers Create Presets, Average Photographers Buy Presets.
World Class Photographers Have Their Own Signature. Average Photographers Don’t!

So then YOU ASK,

Why are we then even selling Lightroom Presets?

Simple Answer:

We DO NOT sell Lightroom Presets.

We sell S.M.A.R.T Lightroom Workflow Presets.

We create S.M.A.R.T Lightroom Workflow Presets that make your Work Flow.

Now what makes our Lightroom Workflow Presets S.M.A.R.T?

Because they are unlike any other lightroom workflow presets you might have seen or purchased before.

In fact…not even close.

You & I both know that we are in the age of Smart Technology.

We have Smart Phones, Smart Tablets, Smart TV’s etc…

Then Why Should Our Lightroom Presets NOT BE S.M.A.R.T?


Doesn’t it make sense?

Now before you start buying into the idea that I’m just plain bullshitting or gaming you using flowery language & words…nothing could be further from the truth.

You might be thinking – What exactly are S.M.A.R.T Lightroom Workflow Presets & what the heck makes our Lightroom Presets S.M.A.R.T?

Now that is a better question my friend ?

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for…

S -> Stackable Signature Styles (that are)

M -> Methodical (in their execution)

A -> Artsy (in their outlook, which)

R -> Replicate Film & Digital Color Grading Accurately (& they are a part of a)

T -> Toolkit that is Thorough, Tactical & Time Saving[/su_note]

Lets Understand Why This Is Way Better & Different Than Anything Else You Might Have Used Or Seen Before…


S -> Stackable Signature Styles


All our Workflow Presets are carefully crafted & designed. They are completely stackable & hence you can stack them one on top of the other to create any kind of look you can imagine. Therefore you can stack various styles & recipes one on top of the other to create a completely unique signature look that sets you apart from your competition. In fact, even if 2 photographers use the exact same preset workflow system…they would still get completely different results because both would stack different combinations of presets based on their tastes instead of 1-Click Presets that dilute & devalue their original artwork & imagery.


M -> Methodical


Our Workflow Presets are Methodical in their structure, organisation & execution. Every Workflow System we have designed is based on many years of our in-house post production & editing. Even the structure & order in which we have arranged our preset systems is extremely intuitive & methodical. All of our Preset Systems start with foundation presets or base level presets & then more presets can be stacked on top of them to build further & create custom signature looks that you love & relate to.


A -> Artsy


Our Workflow Presets impart an artsy look to your images. To create images you love, you can use our presets not just by stacking them, but if you so desire, even use them as 1 click presets. We have ensured that the artistic quality you will be getting using any of our Preset Systems is absolutely unparalleled & completely untouched.


R -> Replicate Film & Digital Color Grading Accurately


Our Workflow Presets provide you with One of the Most Authentic & Accurate Replication of Filmic & Digital Color Grading in the Industry. They will give you the most accurate renditions & versions of various classic & timeless films, looks & editing effects & filters.


T -> Toolkit That Is Thorough, Tactical & Time Saving


Think of Lightroom Preset Shoppe Workflow Presets as Toolkits for different purposes. Our Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System is an All-In-One Solution for most types of Professional Photography. The Wedding Workflow is a toolkit best suited for amazing Wedding Looks & Signature Effects & so on.


Each of our Lightroom Preset Shoppe Toolkit is absolutely thorough & comprehensive in its capability & flexibility. They are tactical in their execution & will help you save immense amount of time by increasing your editing efficiency & productivity in Lightroom at least by 400%! We are constantly adding more & more refinements & improvements to our products to help you save precious time & any updates to our toolkits would be completely free if you happen to be our customer as long as there is no drastic change in the Lightroom Process Version Engine.

One of the biggest reasons for our success in business is because we have a very quick client turnover ratio at Art Pixel Photography.

We have been able to deliver high end artwork to our Clients mainly because we use our very own preset systems in-house.

But It Was NOT The Case Before.

Initially when we started our photography business, we quickly realised the need for premium lightroom presets to process lots of images in lightroom.

We ended up purchasing one preset product after another. To be really honest, initially we were extremely happy & excited to use the new presets we purchased.

In fact after every few weddings, we used to buy a new preset product just to keep our work fresh.

Most of the presets we bought were good enough, but not a single one of them was S.M.A.R.T!

We even purchased a lot of lightroom workflow presets. They showed much better promise, but we stopped using them in our workflow because we realised that they were not designed in an intuitive manner which made them simple & quick to use.

We ended up NEVER using the Workflow Systems even though they showed promise.

Everyday is a new day & a new learning experience.

One thing this taught us was…

Workflow Presets was the right approach to editing in lightroom

Something somewhere we couldn’t understand felt seriously broken though…



steve jobs design quote

Something Somewhere Was Broken & Needed Real Good Fixing!


That’s How I Felt & That’s When I Felt The Need To Create My Very Own Workflow Presets

After spending a few months perfecting the system, I then shared it with our Team.

Honestly, back then…I had no plans on selling the presets – They were only for our in-house editing team.

But all of a sudden, something very strange happened…

Our projects considerably gained speed & momentum!

Most of our wedding assignments with thousands of images that used to take 2-3 days on an average to finish, were literally getting done in 3-4 hours from A to Z!!!

My team was ecstatic! In fact I personally got so excited at all the possibilities this presented to us that I couldn’t stop sharing my system with a few of my friends who also were Professional Photographers & every single one of them got blown away by what they saw.

The very next thing they asked me was to give them access as well to our Lightroom Preset Workflow System. They were willing to even pay for it!

I was a bit hesitant initially as that would entail everyone having access to it & it would no longer give us any edge. Also it would dilute the impact of our work.

But to our surprise, nothing of the sort happened!

In fact what I found was – all of my colleagues were using the system differently & were still getting amazing results & more importantly, impart their own signature using the same workflow system!

They came back & shared their successes & even told us how much they found our workflow preset system intuitive & simple to use, unlike anything else they had seen.

That gave me the much needed confidence &..

That’s How Lightroom Preset Shoppe Came Into Existence!


I realised…our Preset Workflow System was truly kind of a BIG DEAL & if we were able to help the Professional Photographic Community to transform their entire Lightroom Post Production Workflow, we would not only be able to change lives of so many Professionals but also create a legacy for ourselves!

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.

But there was one major hurdle. One problem needed to be solved…

All of us here at Lightroom Preset Shoppe, wanted to make sure that the message we shared was in the most authentic, concise & clear manner possible.

What we were getting into was very much fresh, different & completely a new revolutionary way of using Lightroom Presets for automating the entire post-production workflow.

And that’s exactly why I decided to write this straight from the heart, extremely long ‘About Us’ Page.

I hope you appreciate the effort & just so you see what a big difference our workflow preset system can make to your editing productivity, we have arranged something really special for you!

Look we know…after reading all of this…you might still be skeptical & think that this is nothing but a bunch of hype…

So Here’s Our FREE GIFT To You…


Out of the 304+ Lightroom Workflow Presets you get when you buy our Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System, we are giving away The 1st 75+ Lightroom Workflow Presets Absolutely FREE!!!

[thrive_2step id=’1308′]Click Here To Get Your Toolkit Right Now![/thrive_2step]

We have even created a short free video presentation that gives you a detailed explanation of how you can start hacking your productivity in lightroom just using our Free Toolkit.

Once you start using the Free Lightroom Presets Workflow Toolkit you will not only understand the sheer genius behind our system but also realise what you can possibly do using our Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System or even any of our other Super Awesome Preset Systems!

Most Preset Vendors give only a handful of Free Presets to test drive especially the ones that are the very best.

We want to give you 75+ Free Presets & see for yourself what a difference our system can make in your workflow!

The Proof is in the Pudding!

So don’t believe a single word of what I just said. Just go ahead & [thrive_2step id=’1308′]Download Your Free Lightroom Preset Toolkit[/thrive_2step] & see it for yourself!

& now..that brings us to the Next IMPORTANT Question…

Is Lightroom Preset Shoppe Only About Adobe Lightroom?


Absolutely NOT!

By now…

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]You Already Know Why We Do What We Do & That Is To – Make Your Work Flow![/su_note]

As Professional Photographers, we have to deal with lots of different systems & workflows.

To Name Just A Few…

  • Assignment Prep Workflows
  • Gear & Equipment Prep Workflows
  • During The Shoot – Workflows
  • Lighting Workflows & Systems
  • Client Data Storage & Management Workflows
  • Post Production & Editing Workflows
  • Wedding Photo Albums & Books Creation Workflow (Huge Pain Point For A Lot Of You!)
  • Fashion Shoot Location Research Workflows
  • Model Release Syndication Workflows &
  • Productivity Workflows
  • Team Management Workflows
  • Project Management Checklists & Workflows

& the list goes on & on…

Today we are starting of with our one of a kind – S.M.A.R.T Lightroom Presets Workflow Systems & very soon we are going to get slowly into all of the above.

We here at Lightroom Preset Shoppe exactly know what the Modern Day Pro Photographer REALLY needs.

We Will Be Coming Up Soon On Our Blog With Epic Content On The Following Topics:

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]

  • Photography Tools
  • Photography Hacks
  • Photo Editing Hacks
  • More Editing Toolkits
  • Productivity Tools, Apps & Hacks
  • Handouts
  • Mind Maps
  • Checklists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Swipe Files
  • Info on the Latest Camera Gear & Tools
  • Industry Reports[/su_note]

& the list goes on & on!

So if any of the above excites you…make sure you keep visiting our blog often. We will be posting A Brand New Blog Post Every Thursday!

The best way to keep up with our Epic Content is to simply go ahead & [thrive_2step id=’1308′]Download Your Free Lightroom Presets Toolkit.[/thrive_2step]

By doing so…you will automatically join our [thrive_2step id=’1308′]Free Email Newsletter.[/thrive_2step]

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]Our Promise & Guarantee:

Your Privacy Is 100% Guaranteed. We HATE SPAM As Much As YOU Do![/su_note]

But just in case…

You don’t happen to like what we send, you can unsubscribe anytime with just a single click!)

We have plans to make our blog – The Most Definitive Source of Authentic & Life Changing Information for Photography Professionals who are NOT willing to settle for less especially those who want to make a real solid contribution in the field of Professional Photography.

lightroom preset shoppe blog

We are very much here for the Long Haul! Our Vision is to create tools, products, educational courses & services that will have a tremendous impact on your Productivity as a Professional Photographer!

We genuinely want you to achieve your Ideal Work-Life Balance so that you can not only create extra-ordinary works of art in your profession but at the same time be able to spend some solid quality time with your family as well!

[su_note note_color=”#F3CFC5″]Your Precious Comments Will Be The Engine That Drives The Course Of The Blog 🙂[/su_note]

Please leave your valuable inputs & comments below & let me know what are you guys struggling with, what are your pain points & what kind of information you would love to learn.

I sincerely wish you all the happiness & success in the world!

Best Regards,
Amit Desai.
CEO & Founder
♥ Lightroom Preset Shoppe
Make Your Work Flow




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