The World's 1'st & Only Fusion Lightroom Presets!

Intuitive, Powerful & Easily Customisable!

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Create Unique & Stunning With Just A Few Clicks!

Perfect Combination of 1- Click & Stackable Lightroom Presets

Comprehensive Library of Develop Presets

Professional Grade presets for Professional results!

Achieve Consistent Results

Streamline Your Post-Production Workflow

Batch Process Thousands Of Images!

User-friendly, Powerful & Intuitive Preset Workflow!

Create Moody & Atmospheric Looks Quickly

The Only Lightroom Preset Workflow System You Will Actually Use!

Retail Value $47. FREE For A Limited Time Only

Full Compatibility & Seamless Integration With All of Your Favorite Professional Grade Photo Editing Tools!

*Note: Our Lightroom Presets Work Great On Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & 7 / Classic CC & CC including the Lightroom Mobile Apps for iOS & Android. They Work Great On Both PC & Mac & On Both RAW & JPG Files!

Hand-Crafted Presets

Each & every Lightroom Preset is hand-crafted to pixel perfect precision after years of Real-World Lab & Studio Testing! 

Customise Every Slider

Fine tune every single Lightroom Slider without touching any single Lightroom Slider. Dabble with the most comprehensive Lightroom Preset System available!

Made for Pro Photogs

Whether you’re a Pro Wedding Photographer, Pro Fashion Photographer or a Pro Landscape Photo Artist, our Lightroom Preset System is flexible for all of your needs.

Blazing Fast Workflow

Our Lightroom Presets Workflow System is made for speed. It is extremely intuitive & at the same time the most powerful system you can get your hands on!.

Powerful & Advanced Workflow

All our Lightroom Presets are Extremely Powerful – MAGIC 1-Click Presets. They are Super Intuitive & Highly Flexible to Create any kind of pixel perfect look you desire by stacking different presets one on top of the other!

Free Training & Webinars

We provide comprehensive free video training, tutorials & webinars. Our Blog is a great resource on Professional Photography & all things Lightroom! 

Top-Notch Customer Support

We have World-Class Industry Leading Customer Support! All customer support emails are answered within 24 hours during business hours!


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The Verdict is out! From amateur photographers to serious hobbyists to industry professionals, everyone loves our Lightroom Presets…


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