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One Of A Kind Lightroom Workflow Preset System That Truly Makes Your Work Flow!




*Note: 'Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System' Works Best On Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & Lightroom CC. 
It Works Great On Both RAW & JPG Files.

Hello, my name is Amit Desai. 

I'm a Professional Wedding Photographer & also the CEO & Founder of Lightroom Preset Shoppe. 

What I'm about to share with you is something that has the potential to completely change the way you look at Post Production Workflow.

I'm going to drop a few bombs today & I would like to start off with this one...

FACT: If What You Do After The Photo Shoot (Post-Production Workflow) Is NOT Optimised, The More Assignments 
You Take, The More You Will BURNOUT! PERIOD!

If You Think Getting More Photography Assignments is Your Life's Golden Ticket To Making It BIG As A Pro Photog, You Are Totally Mistaken My Friend!

If You Do Not Have A Proper System To Manage, Optimise, Organise & Systemise Your Photography Workflow & Business, Getting More Assignments Is A Sure Shot Recipe To Burnout & Work-Life Imbalance!

How Do I Know This For Sure?

Well...I have been there, done that my friend!

The Most Successful Professional Photographers In The World ALWAYS HAVE THIS ONE THING IN COMMON...
They Have A Proper System To Manage, Optimise, Organise, Systemise & Automate Their Entire Photography Business 
So That Their Workflow Makes Their Work Flow!
But whether you believe it or not, here is what happens in the life of Every Pro Photog...
  • 1. Photography begins as a hobby & passion
  • 2. They start their businesses part-time
  • 3. Initially they do a few free assignments for their friends, family & relatives
  • 4. The word goes out & slowly a few paid assignments start trickling in
  • 5. The new clients are delighted with the work & the good word spreads even further
  • 5. Soon they get busy with lots of professional assignments 
  • 6. Soon enough, they get flooded with even more hi-end assignments but now the pressure of work begins to slowly creep in
  • 7. They can't say no because there's good money but they also can't deliver assignments on time as there is way too much to be done in a short span of time
  • 8. As a result, stress goes up, health gets affected, family life gets compromised & eventually the quality of work also gets affected!
  • 9. Knowing that this can't go on forever, they either QUIT or they ADAPT themselves to handle their work pressure better!
  • 10. Most DON'T QUIT. They try to find a Solution...A Better Workflow!
  • 11. They hunt for some editing tools to streamline their workflow & then they start using those tools.
  • 12. Life gets a little better if not great, but that's all there is to it!
  • 13. The hunt for a better tool to manage their workflow keeps going on & on & on....
  • 14. They keep getting better but this is a slow never-ending process...

Now is the above process wrong? 

Absolutely NOT!

In fact, that's exactly how it should be. We got to learn from our mistakes & gain experience in our journey as professional photographers.

But, is there another way? Is there a better way?



Look...You & I Both Know...Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Is The #1 Editing Software Used By Most Successful Professional Wedding & Fashion Photographers All Over The World. 

I'm pretty confident that you use Lightroom for managing your entire Post Production Workflow & if you aren't doing so, then you must!

Here's why...

Photoshop might be The Most Powerful Editing Tool available, but what makes Lightroom so great is...
Its Ability To Automate Every Single Aspect Of The 
Post-Production Workflow Using Presets, Right From Importing The Photos To Exporting The Finished Edits In Different 
Formats & Sizes For Various Purposes.

And if you’re a Passionate Photographer like me, then I’m also pretty sure…that you already have downloaded a lot of Free Presets Online & perhaps even purchased a few Lightroom Presets & Workflow Systems.

Congratulations my friend!

I truly applaud your effort & intentions.
But whether you believe it or not, here is what actually happens unfortunately when you buy Lightroom Presets...
  • 1. You go looking out for the Perfect Preset Bundle or Preset Pack that will take care of all your needs!
  • 2. You find something promising & you buy it.
  • 3. You get excited to use it on your images!
  • 4. But when you start using those premium presets, they somehow don’t look all that great on your own images!
  • 5. You begin to wonder - Those presets were looking fab on the images showcased on the Web site but why are they not looking as good on my own?
  • 6. Your excitement begins to fade & you slowly stop using those presets altogether because they don't work great on your images & even if they work, you still need to make a few tweaks to the images after applying those presets & recipes on them.
  • 7. Instead of saving you time in your post-production, you end up actually spending more time correcting the presets to suit your style of imagery.
  • 8. You realise, it would be a lot more faster to manually edit the images instead of using premium presets that need correction for your specific style.
  • 9. This Experience Makes You Smarter Though.
  • 10. You decide to move on but now you look for something a lot better - Not just a Lightroom Preset Bundle or Pack, But A Workflow Preset System.
  • 11. Why a Workflow System? Because a Workflow System is stackable in nature.
  • 12. So each Preset, helps you stack one effect on top of the other until you finally get your desired look or outcome!
  • 13. This system works like a charm but the excitement is again short-lived!
  • 14. Look...Lightroom is extremely powerful & versatile. If you wish to create all the possible effects which are stackable, you will need an enormous number of presets to make that possible. Therefore these premium workflow systems breakdown because in the process of wanting to become a capable workflow system, these workflow systems provide for hundreds of presets.
  • 15. What's more insane is that, many of these presets have names such as Mama's Boy Preset, Crazy Cadillac Preset, Mighty Joe Preset etc, none of which tells you what the preset actually does. This is NOT good because if you want a specific effect and you need to hunt for that effect by scrolling through hundreds of presets, the amount of time it consumes in doing so is either almost as much as getting the desired effect manually or a whole lot more! Duh!
  • 16. But That’s Not The End Of The World!
  • 17. In order to off-set this issue, the premium presets systems have categories & folders for grouping related presets together!
  • 18. But here’s the bad news! Unfortunately its NOT how YOU work in lightroom. The grouping of categories & folders is based on someone else’s way of working in lightroom, not yours!
What You Need Is A Personalised, Stackable, Intuitive & Extremely Capable Preset Workflow System That Can Address Not Only All The Issues Above, But Do Them In A Manner That's Really Fast Enough To Save You Precious Time, Systemise Your Workflow & Make Your Work Flow!

No. I'm NOT talking about yet another Lightroom Preset Workflow System! I know, you have already downloaded & purchased a lot of promising products earlier.

Don’t just take my word for it… 

Watch this demo which will walk you through our Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System & see for yourself...

The Lightroom Presets Toolkit is a powerful Mini Preset System that comes straight from our Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System! 

Watch the Video above to see the Demo :)

Use it & see the difference for yourself! 

When you buy today, you get our Entire Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System Valued at $147 for ONLY $97! 

This Is Absolutely The Most Personalised, Stackable, Intuitive & Extremely Capable Preset Workflow System On The Market Today! PERIOD! 

And if that's not enough…let me sweeten the deal for you even more! 

For a very limited time, when you buy our Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System, you also get...
Bonus #1: Advanced Lightroom Brush Presets (Valued at $47)

Lightroom Brush Presets is the missing secret sauce of Professional Photographers that takes your imagery to an entirely new level. It's the sizzle that sells your steak! 

Your clients will be loving you for adding such great finesse & artsy touches to their images. Imagine all the extra money you will be making when your clients refer you to their friends and family! 

Imagine the kind of feeling you will be experiencing when you see your clients getting emotional because of the great artwork & imagery you created for them! 

Now, that to me my friend, is priceless!

With the advanced lightroom brush presets, you will be able to lighten (dodge) & darken (burn) specific areas strategically in your images like a Boss! 

Dodging & Burning is a timeless secret used by world-class photographers. Its a simple technique which became popular courtesy, the great Ansel Adams! 

If you ever wanted to use Lightroom for Professional Skin, Hair, Beauty, Make-up & Retouching, now you can! 

Whether it is something as small as adding an eye-liner, highlighting hair, removing skin blemishes, reducing under eye dark circles or whitening the teeth; you can do it all and a whole lot more. 

In fact, you can even add realistic light effects on road side lamps or the headlight of a car if you wish to! 

All of this & a whole lot more in just a few easy brush strokes! Its that simple. 

Still not sure?….there’s even more!

Bonus #2: Advanced Import, Export. Metadata & Watermark Presets (Valued at $47)

One of the most confusing aspects of lightroom is that a lot of us have a real tough time figuring out how to optimally import images into lightroom and after developing them, export them out of lightroom. 

This bonus will make it plain simple for you. 

The import presets will help you get images quickly into lightroom in the most efficient & optimal manner. 

The metadata presets will make sure that if for any reason your images are stolen by someone, they do contain your copyrights notice & all important contact information so that if required, the images can be produced as an evidence or proof of ownership at any jurisdiction. 

This will save you, the owner of any possible copyrights infringement.

The watermark preset will let you easily & quickly apply your own custom made company watermark to your images so that they are ready to be used on social media & blogging. 

This will help you to build your brand visibility and also stop thieves from blatantly stealing your images and claiming them as their own. 

When you wish to share the images you created in lightroom, our advanced export presets will help you to export images out of lightroom quickly & easily. Whether you wish to export images in High Res for Print or in Low Res for Social Media & Blogging, whether you want the images with or without watermark, whether you want your images to look great on tablets or smart phones, we have you covered. 

These Bonus Presets will soon be sold on our website separately for at least $47 but when you buy our preset system today, you will get it absolutely FREE!!!

We're not done yet!….there’s even more!

Bonus #3: Advanced Smart Collection & Filter Presets 
(Valued at $37)

Smart Collections & Filter Presets are an extremely powerful way of organising, rating, filtering, culling, targeting & finding the exact images you need quickly and easily! When you have hundreds of thousands of images in Lightroom, managing & quickly finding the exact images in an ocean of all your images can be a daunting task. 

Our Smart Collection & Filter Presets help to completely eliminate this problem once and for all. Whether you wish to find just those images you edited in the last hour, today or yesterday you can quickly find those images. 

If you wish to find all the images you shot this month or last month, you can find that as well. These smart collections get updated dynamically & automatically so you don't have to do a thing! 

If you have a collection of images and you wish to find only specific images within that collection, then our Filter Presets come to the rescue. Once you start using these advanced smart collection presets & filter presets, you won't believe how much time they would save you. 

These advanced smart collection presets & filter presets will soon be sold on our website separately for at least $37 but when you buy our preset system today, you will get them absolutely FREE!!!

Yes! You guessed it by now!!! There’s even more goodies :)

Bonus #4: Advanced Lightroom Workflow Presets Training (Valued at $97)

To extract 100% out of a Powerful workflow system like this one, what you need is also great training that's easy to follow & understand. A training system that lays out everything for you step-by-step. You will be getting instant access to one of the most advanced workflow preset training systems available on the market today. 

The initial training video is already available right now when you sign up but some of the advanced ninja stuff is still getting if you sign up today, you will be one of the 1st few people to get free instant access to this Advanced Training as soon as its made available. 

This training alone is going to be so good, that I promise you....I will be selling this training as an add-on later for at least $97 if not more! 

So are we done? Not yet ;)

Bonus #5: Works Great On Both JPEG & RAW Images 
(Valued at $127)

Most Preset Vendors charge separately for presets for JPEG files & RAW files. So if you need presets for both JPEG files & RAW files, you end up spending almost 2 times more! This simply doubles the number of presets you need to get the same desired result, and also causes un-necessary confusion. 

It's easy money for the vendor though because it quickly doubles their revenue without any additional effort on their part. 

We prefer to keep things simple. 

Our Preset System works equally great on both JPEG files and RAW files! Whether you are on a Mac or on a PC, whether you use Lightroom 4, 5, 6 or CC, our preset system will do all the magic for you.

Finally, last but certainly not the least...

Bonus #6: Lifetime Upgrades & Improvements Till The Life of Lightroom 6 / CC / Process Engine Update (Valued at $67)

You will also get continuous on-going support from us just in case you need it. We will be there to help you along the way. If we happen to make any improvements or changes to the system, you shall get instant access to all those updates & improvements. Most companies would charge at least $47 for only a single year of support. You my friend, will get our support & help for a lifetime! 

With more than 304 presets & 4 Million+ combinations of different effects & results all with just a few clicks, it's insane, what you can possibly do with a Preset System like this!

Import Preset to Copy Files from Card Reader

Import Preset to Add Files from Folder on Hard Disk Drive



Perfect Metadata Preset for Copyright Protection 


Foundation Presets

Lens Vignetting Presets

Vibrance & Saturation Control Presets

Contrast Control Presets

Clarity Control Presets

Exposure Control Presets

Softening Presets for Portraits

Noise Reduction Control Presets

Black & White Conversion Presets

White Balance Control Presets

Light Control Presets

Perspective Correction Presets

Lens Distortion Correction Presets

Emulsion & Grain Control Presets

Sharpening Presets

Edge Softening Presets

All-In-One Stylization Presets 

(One Click Filters / Styles / Presets)

Cinematic / Filmic Look Presets 

(One Click Filters / Styles / Presets)

Wash / Fade / Matte Effect Presets

Punch Control Presets

Black & White Looks (Mono-Chromatic) Presets

Black & White Tonal Control Presets

Mono Color Presets

Stylization Presets (With Stackable Control)

Color Cast Correction Presets 

Color Cast Enhancement Presets


Dodging Presets (Lightening Brush Presets)

Burning Presets (Darkening Brush Presets)

Eye Color Enhancing Brush Preset

Eye Liner Brush Preset

Hair – Eye Lashes Enhancer Brush Preset

General All Purpose Brush Preset

Landscapes Enhancer Brush Preset

Noise Reduction Brush Preset

Sharpening Brush Presets

Sky | Cloud | Ocean Detail Enhancer Brush Preset

Sky Detail Enhancer Brush Preset

Clothing Texture Enhancer Brush Preset

Catchlight Creator Brush Preset

Catchlight Enhancer Brush Preset

Dreamy De-Clarifying Soft Brush Preset

Eye Brightening Brush Preset

Eye Sparkling Brush Preset

Iris Enhancer Brush Preset

Lip Enhancer Brush Preset

Matte Foundation Brush Presets

Reduce Skin Redness Brush Preset

Reduce Wrinkles & Lines Brush Preset

Skin Bronzing Brush Preset

Skin Desaturation Brush Preset

Skin Softening Brush Preset

Spot Concealer Brush Presets

Teeth Whitening Brush Preset

Under Eye Dark Circle Reducing Brush Preset

Hair | Copper Tone | Any Tone Brush Preset

Hair | Deepen Low-Lights Brush Preset

Hair | High-Lights Enhancer Brush Preset

Hair | Lighten Shadows Brush Preset

Hair Detail Enhancer Brush Preset

White Balance & Color Temperature Control Brush Presets

Light Leaks | Any Color Brush Presets

Reduce Moiré Brush Preset

Add Warm Glow Brush Presets 


Lightroom Preset Shoppe Watermark Preset


Export Preset for Full High Resolution JPG’s

Export Preset for Full High Resolution JPG’s (With Watermark)

Export Preset to Save for Web (Small Size)

Export Preset to Save for Web (Small Size + Watermark)

Export Preset to Save for Web (Medium Size)

Export Preset to Save for Web Medium Size + Watermark)

Export Preset to Save for Web (Large Size)

Export Preset to Save for Web (Large Size + Watermark)

Export Preset for iPad

Export Preset for iPhone 6+

Export Preset for iPhone 6

Export Preset for iPhone 5S / 5C

Export Preset for DNG File Format

Export Preset for Further EditinG


Smart Collection based on ‘Images Edited This Hour’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Edited Today’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Edited Yesterday’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Shot This Month’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Shot Last Month’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Recently Modified’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images Without Keywords’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With 3 Stars Rating’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With 4 Stars Rating’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With 5 Stars Rating’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With Red Flag Status’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With Yellow Flag Status’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With Green Flag Status’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With Blue Flag Status’

Smart Collection based on ‘Images With Purple Flag Status’


Filter Images for Blog

Filter Images for Portfolio

Filter Images for Blog & Portfolio

Filter Images based on Camera Info

Filter Images based on Default Column’s

Filter Images based on Exposure Info

Filter Images based on Flagged & Un-flagged (Only Images)

Filter Images based on Flagged & Un-flagged (Images + Videos)

Filter Images based on Flagged Status

Filter Images based on Location Column’s

Filter Images based on Photo Book Selects

Filter Images based on Rating

Filter Images based on Rejected Photos

Filter Images based on Un-Flagged Status

Filter Images based on Un-Rated Status

Filter Images based on Virtual Copies

So Here's A Quick Recap of Everything You Get When You Buy Today:

The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System - Valued at $147
Bonus #1: Advanced Lightroom Brush Presets (Valued at $47)
Bonus #2: Advanced Import, Export. Metadata & Watermark Presets (Valued at $47)
Bonus #3: Advanced Smart Collection & Filter Presets (Valued at $37)
Bonus #4: Advanced Lightroom Workflow Presets Training (Valued at $97)
Bonus #5: Works Great On Both JPEG & RAW Images (Valued at $127)
Bonus #6: Lifetime Upgrades & Improvements Till The Life of Lightroom 6 / CC / Process Engine Update (Valued at $67)
Total Value: $569.00

Get Everything Today Valued At Total $569.00 For A Single Payment of $97 ONLY!!!

This will be your absolute best investment in taking your journey as a Photographer & Artist to the next level! Promise!

Test Drive the Free Toolkit to your hearts content and be convinced that its the best free toolkit you can get your hands on.

Very soon...we will be selling them separately as add-ons to the Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System.

Trust me…this is going to happen real soon! So make sure you buy today to lock-in on to this never-before deal!

Now is the only time you can get your hands on ‘The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Workflow System’ at a jaw dropping rock bottom price of just a single payment of $97!

I wish you the very best :)

Amit Desai
CEO & Founder
♥ Lightroom Preset Shoppe
Make Your Work Flow!

Well Researched, Scientifically Designed Preset Workflow System
Most Advanced Preset Stacking Workflow System
Extremely Intuitive & User Friendly Preset Naming For Crafting Pixel Precise Looks
Works Great On Both Jpeg’s & Raw Images
Create Unique, Stunning & Precise Effects With Just A Few Clicks!
Perfect Combination Of One Click Presets & Stackable Presets
Works Great With Adobe Lightroom Version 4 & 5, 6 & Lightroom Cc!
Comprehensive Library Of Metadata Presets, Import Presets
Comprehensive Library Of Develop Presets
Mix, Match & Stack Presets To Get Practically Any Kind Of Look You Desire In Lightroom!
Comprehensive Library Of Advanced Lightroom Brush Presets
Comprehensive Library Of Filter Presets & Smart Collection Presets
Practical & Useful Collection Of Watermark Preset & Export Presets!
The Most Comprehensive Lightroom Workflow Preset System Available Online
Professional Grade Lightroom Presets That Are Guaranteed To Give You Pro Results!
Designed To Create Mood & Atmosphere That Evokes An Emotional Response From Clients, Fans & Friends!
Achieve Consistent Look By Streamlining Your Post-Production Workflow
Create Professional Looking Images With Classic & Timeless Filters & Effects That Have Stood The Test Of Time. Our Presets Look Good On Any Kind Of Imagery Irrespective Of The Genre Of Photography.
Apply Different Presets On The Same Image & Get Professional Results For Every Version Of That Image. 
Evoke Different Moods, Feelings, Atmosphere & Emotional Response From Your Audience.
Edit Thousands Of Images In Just A Few Hours Using Our Preset Workflow System!
Save Time, Keep Clients Happy, Make More Money, Balance Work & Life & Impress Your Friends & Family.
Comprehensive Training & Help Documentation Along With Top-Notch Support!



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